Tilapia Aquaponics Supplies

20 07 2011

Planting nutritious plants and raising healthy fishes at the same time describes the word “Aquaponics”. It combines both skills when it comes to plant and fish farming. If you are one those interested individuals who would like to create their own aquaponics at their own backyard with intention of raising Tilapia, yes you can have them both. The procedure is easy, just need to prepare your Tilapia Aquaponics Supplies to get started. This is the most important thing to prepare when building your Tilapia Aquaponics.

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Tilapia Aquaponics has been famous in some part of the world like Australia and in some part of America specifically in Hawaii. The following places have a great weather, best for raising tilapias. Somehow if not given the attention when it comes to complete Tilapia Aquaponics Supplies, the production of Tilapia and plants will not have its balance contribution of nutrients. Raising tilapias in its usual procedure will somehow be quite similar with the home made tilapia cages, but not literally at all times. There are some materials that you will need for your Tilapia Aquaponics Supply.

Tilapia aquaponics is a practical way to save water. The whole process is similar with line give and take. The aquaculture (tilapia) give offs waste within the water, when it’s not minimize it will affect the life of the tilapia. Which is why the presence of the plants will take its role to maintain the cleanliness of the water, when the water is pump up going to the bed of plants the process of cleansing the water will be done by the roots and the rocks or clay balls within the grow bed, and bring it back to the fish tank clean.

To start with the procedure you need to decide how big your Tilapia Aquaponics is, so you can measure the possible length and width of your materials. It is advisable for the starters to start in a small size aquarium/fish tank and grow bed to adjust some problems easily.

The following are the material you will need before the machine:

• Aquarium/Tank (hand-made and readymade will do, for the fishes)
• Grow Bed (for plants)
• Fresh Warm Water
• Clay Balls, Fine Gravel, Grinded Corals and Stones
• Plant (Tomato, Lettuce, Spinach and etc)
• Tilapia (any aquaculture fish will do)
• Worms and Duck Weeds
• Pipes/Tubes
• Rubber or Water Proof Cover Clays (for water leaks)
• Hose

These materials will be interconnected with each other to form a circulation where there will be a balance distribution of nutrients from the water. You can design your own Aquaponics as long as the pipes and hose are connected accordingly, including the machines. The measurement of the whole project will rely all up to you. But your Aquaponics will never be complete without its main source of the process. Without it your Aquaponics will be lifeless and may face failure. These are the machines you will need to make the water circulate evenly. Just friendly tip: ask someone who has idea with these machines and learn the right procedure to connect.

The machines that you will need are:

• Air Pump
• Surge Protector
• Optional (Water Oxygen if needed)
• Energy Source

You can find these equipments at your nearest hardware or pet shops (sells fish). Some people would also order pump machines through internet, some have it through surplus or bargain stores. Be reminded also of the right procedure of doing and assembling your equipments. It is better suggested that you will have reliable source like Aquaponics guides or ask someone you know that follows these kinds of procedures. You can also see videos that show the right steps to start or assemble the water ways. Using the Tilapia Equipments Supply stated above you can now start making your own Tilapia Aquaculture.

With the presence of sunlight, warm fresh water enough food for the tilapia and good supply of equipments the growth of both plants and Tilapia could not find unhealthy reasons of not growing healthy. The benefit of having Aquaponics in your yard is very satisfactory, it is a very good source of healthy foods, and it preserves water and energy (for solar energy users) and allows you to exercise. Tilapia Aquaponics is a way to healthier life.

For more information read: Tilapia Farming Guide

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1 06 2014
ray gallagher

hello,i’m looking for aqua-culture supplies, …..crayfish, plants, tilapia and/or other foodfish.thank you

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