A Beginner’s Guide on Raising Tilapia For Profit

21 10 2014

The number of people engaging in raising tilapia for profit is on the rise since it is rated top among the most consumed sea foods. This is due to the fact that tilapia is easy to cook, delicious and healthy. If you aspire to gain massive profits from raising tilapia, you have to gather all the facts about tilapia fish farming before you invest your money. With all the useful knowledge on your finger tips it will be quite easy to earn huge returns on your investment. The following are the most important questions that will guide you to success in raising tilapia for profit.

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1. What are the living conditions for tilapia?
Tilapias live in fresh shallow waters such as lakes and streams. The water temperature should vary approximately between 28-30 degrees Celsius or 82-86 degrees Fahrenheit for the tilapia to survive. Therefore in places where temperatures fall below this range, a means of heating the water is necessary to attain temperatures within this range. The water should also have the right pH that is suitable for the survival of living organisms and be free of the polluting agents. Oxygen present in the water should be sufficient.

2. What kind of food is consumed by tilapia?

Tilapia fish are omnivorous. They can eat insects’ larva, aquatic plants, algae etc. For optimum growth, you need to ensure that they have all the food they need at all times. Tilapia fish are known to be better than livestock in terms of converting food into flesh. Adequate food supplies will ensure that they take the shortest time to grow big.

3. What are the breeding procedures?
A female fish is capable of producing over 100 small fishes in one week. Therefore, it is crucial to have a good breeding system to optimize the number of new fish each week. Remember, the higher the number of fishes you sell the higher your profits. You also have to ensure that there is enough space and food to prevent harmful competition. Whether you choose to control breeding using the male tilapias or hormones, always select a method that does not affect the well-being of your tilapia fishes.

4. Are there other benefits that come from raising tilapia?
As a person raising tilapia for profits, you need to know any other benefits that can be found from raising these fishes. On top of the cash that is earned from selling tilapia, these fish also help to keep your pond clean. There will be no need of removing algae from your pond because the fish will eat it all.

5. What are the best markets?
Since raising tilapia for profits is your main objective, you must know the best markets for your fish. Choose a market that fetches the highest profits. You can sell you fishes to retailers, restaurants or sell them directly to the consumers.

With proper planning, raising tilapia for profit is an achievable dream. The profits that can be earned from keeping the type fish has been found to be higher than that earned from other segments of agriculture!

For more information read: Tilapia Farming Guide

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7 09 2014
david terrell

I have a200accur ranch with a large tank in the back would like to raise some fish. Have a water well at the tank submersible well real hight water table.

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